Big City Workshops

If you ask the principles of Big City Broadway, they’ll tell you that the most rewarding and fulfilling aspect of their work is the development of youth talent.  Performing brings amazing personal satisfaction; mentoring and coaching young stars to perform brings exponential rewards.  At Big City Workshops, Eric Kunze and Gina Feliccia work personally with local youth interested in theatre acting.  Whether 8-year-olds just learning they have pitch and can follow a melody line, or high school seniors headed off to university acting programs, youth participants are delighted at the chance to sing, act and grow alongside some of the very best.  And the love of the theatre shared by both Gina and Eric helps to build long-standing passion in the hearts of young singers.

Workshops are developed for specific programs – through community theatres, school drama departments, city recreation departments and programs and more – depended upon specific needs. Serving ages from 6 – 22 and ranging from three days to two weeks, the following workshops are available:

Audition Workshop ( Ages 8 – 12 or Ages 13 – 21)
Develop specific song/scene for audition
Rehearse with experience professionals
Develop skills to win the role of your dreams
Leave “audition-ready”

Musical Theatre Intensive ( Age 13 – 21)
Sing alongside Gina and Eric
Become a natural singer/actor
Develop roles perfect for individual talent
Attain foundational tools in singing and acting
Learn solid technique based on real business experience

Hot Summer Workshops
Vocal Master Classes with greats like Davis Gaines or Norm Lewis.
To schedule a workshop in your area, call us at 760-415-9433, or click here to contact us by email.