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Master Class Duo - $125.00
Master Class Duo
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June 11th and 12th You are choosing both classes! Writing and Acting!
Writing for The Spoken Word - $75.00
Writing for The Spoken Word
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June 11th In this class we will inspire you to Take Back Arts for God with your story. Dr. Lawrence Wood and Rhonda Barer will partner to give you both inspiration and how to create your own work.
Acting for Stage and Film - $75.00
Acting for Stage and Film
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June 12th In this class we hope to put your stories on their feet with solid technique for stage and film acting with Gina Feliccia
Keep The Light of Christmas - $50.00
Keep The Light of Christmas
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Your donation helps us restructure new ways to bring performance arts to the public. We have done so with a Christmas video made especially for our nations most vulnerable, the isolated elderly.
Donation for Big City Broadway
Donation for Big City Broadway
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Any donation large or small keeps us bringing excellence and extraodinary to communities nationwide!
Appreciation for the Arts - $100.00
Appreciation for the Arts
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You get what it takes to be an artist and you appreciate the dedication. You also appreciate the magic of performance arts! Thank you!