Big City Broadway, owned and operated by theatre professionals, Gina Feliccia and Eric Kunze, is a company of quality and distinction. It produces large scale productions, concerts, and offers educational experiences for young performers. During teaching workshops, Gina and Eric, work with each student individually and collectively to instill the skills that they have used successfully in the professional stage arena. Their teaching atmosphere is relaxed and inspirational while helping each student realize their strengths and developing their weaknesses. Gina and Eric insist upon excellence while producing and performing in productions. They instill a positive work ethic within those that share the stage with them. Big City Broadway represents all that is good in theatre: excellence, professionalism, and passion for the art!

Grace Ann Etcheberria-Jacobs M.F.A.
Grace Arts Live, LLC-owner/director/producer
Arizona Coast Performing Arts-owner/director
Mohave Community College theatre faculty-retired