Typically, films are funded by investors. The 3 reasons we are fundraising for this film are: 1) 100% of the profits will go to charities such as Children's Hospital Los Angeles, and Big City Broadway. 2) Your donations have the potential to increase after distribution of the movie. As a general rule, most independent investors make on average 25% to 150% on funding dollars. For example: if they invest $1 million they could get the initial principal of $1 million plus $250,000. Like anything, there are unknowns. Gifts should come from the heart and belief in our mission and the story we want to tell.

3) Big City Broadway values the educational, historical, and current relevance this film holds so why not make your contribution entertaining?! 


You may or may not know what feature film documentaries cost. Most range around $2000 - $5000 per minute of film. In addition to all of the promotion and adverising fees, the cost rises. For example an advertising commercial production by Apple could cost upwards of $500,000. They vary depending on quality and creativity.


In our film we plan to blend together interviews, photos, rare home videos, and highlights from archive broadcasts. Narrations by Bob Newhart as well as an A list of celebritie guests. Also we plan to incorororate the use of original hand drawn animation created exclusively for this project. Post production should take 2 months to complete. Voila we have a film finished and ready for distribution!


Our total budget for this film is $510,020. 


Our guarantee: if this film does not reach completion, you will be notified and  have the option for a full refund or your gift to be donated to the named charities.

All donations are 501(c)3 tax deductable.


We have phases of fundraising including film festivals, emailing and sending out press kits to our donors and individuals known to our creative team, crowdfuning, viewing events for live crowdfunding and grant applications.


How you can support us?  Join one of the following teams:  

               There are different ways to support! Click -




Promoter  - Share on social media, send emails, make calls to help gather potencial donors and sponsors for this project.  Your team contributions total can earn movie credits.


Fundraiser - Someone who can host viewing parties, know happy donors or corporate sponsors. Someone good at coordinating events and assembling small army's!


Donor - People who believe in what we do and support both the relevance of the film and the charities who will benefit. 


Any Promoter or Donor who gathers support, raising $10,000+ will be named in the movie credits. 

Corporate sponsors will recieve product placement and 

a celebrity shout out in the out takes as credits role.

Promoters, Donors, and Sponsors can join us for interview and podcast sit in's and more!      

Be part of this film and all it brings to both the viewers and kids!