Welcome to Big City Broadway, where we’ve packaged remarkable talent and top-notch arrangements to bring Broadway right to your city, any way you want it.  Whether you’re looking for a turn-key production for a local theatre, talent to supplement your local production or fundraiser , or training and mentoring for local youth, you’ll find the best of the best right here.

What makes us different?  Frankly, we’ve been there.  Big City Broadway founders and principles Eric Kunze and Gina Feliccia started on Broadway – right at the source. (Click HERE for bios of Eric and Gina.) Everlasting love and passion for Broadway music have led Eric and Gina into all aspects of the theatre business, delivering Broadway – in some form or another – across America.  Over the course of rich and remarkable careers, Big City Broadway’s leaders have mastered the art of casting, arranging, and producing spectacular nights of singing.  What’s more, they’ve mined local talent in cities throughout America, developing the artistic potential of young actors and singers and providing mentorship and professional training to take up-and-comers to the next level.

Talent at Big City Broadway runs deep. Click HERE to see a company of singers, actors, musical and film directors who have impressive careers across the industry.  Who better to teach and mentor than those who curently work as artists! Together they’ve performed in countless musicals, developing camaraderie and synergy that leads to outstanding workshops and performances.  Individually, they perform regularly throughout the nation in Broadway and professional productions.  Via Big City Broadway, these players will teach and perform in your area, according to your specifications, in expert productions designed to raise the bar and include local talent most of all wow audiences.

Big City Broadway delivers stunning local productions on three levels:

  • VOICES OF BROADWAY:  Featuring Broadway-caliber talent, arrangements, direction and staging, this option brings Broadway right to your local theatre, and features your local orchestra or musicians.

  • BUILDING BROADWAY:  Auditioning, training and directing youth talent from your area, this option brings Broadway to your local theatre while showcasing local hot-shots.  And, where requested, Broadway-caliber talent can be provided to round out the production.

  • BIG CITY WORKSHOPS:  Via local theatres, schools, summer recreation programs and more, Big City Broadway provides developmental workshops for local youth, including audition workshops, acting workshops, and college prep programs.  Click Donation & Workshop Info to enroll for our Hot Summer Workshops!

Thank you for visiting us and welcome to Big City Broadway!

For bookings and information please e-mail: or call at 760-415-9433 or 307-734-9718 also check out Big City Broadway on FaceBook "Like" us for reports and updates!







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