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Big City Broadway is proud to teach and preserve performance arts in schools and community's. Jackson hole High School Choir will now look as good as they sound! Thanks to your support students will perform in the community and now they have all new concert attire! Jackson Hole High School Choir!
Jackson Hole High School Choir!




With the support of local and nationwide donors through Old Bills Fun Run, Big City Broadway was able to invest over $17,000. last year for our Bridging The Gap Performance Arts Clinics. Last year, Jackson Hole High School drama students were offered EIGHT FREE clinics with BROADWAY ARTSTS through the Drama department ranging from Set Design to Vocal Training. This year the goal is to extend support to Choir and Orchestra.  With your donation, students will be offered the opportunity to work with professional artists and musicians in ALL THREE areas of High School Arts:  Drama, Choir and Orchestra.  Our goal is to outfit students in professional concert attire and improve the quality of instruments. Our local students will rehearse and perform together throughout the community in ways we’ve never seen before!



"Through the efforts of those who run the program my life, my family and community have forever been changed for the better"

- Adam Meadows - JHHS student


"I am amazed by the progress in students what an enriching and invaluable experience for our community!" -Heather Best


"The Difference between this year and last years auditions is night and day!" -Pam Phillips























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